Welcome to Vidya Knowledge Park a place where we are known for our commitment to academic excellence and intellectual capital. Now is the time when India is fast emerging as a knowledge society and becoming integrated with other knowledge societies of the world. An Academic Institution is the engine of a knowledge society and Higher education is a significant contributor of national development and growth. Indian youth are increasingly participating in higher education and the 12th Five Year Plan envisages the Gross Enrolment Ratio of 30% by 2020. Thus, the higher education landscape is changing rapidly. The Indian talent is today internationally sought for providing leadership to business organizations.

While expansion of higher education is important, quality education is equally paramount. Currently the crisis of higher education is because of the lack of quality education and poor employability of graduates. There is also little emphasis on the personal and professional development of students. Consequently, when graduates face the real world, they find themselves inadequately equipped for handling business and social problems. It is hence imperative that students develop perspectives on the various issues of national and international importance.

We at Vidya Knowledge Park develop leaders in different fields who would provide leadership to different organizations. We inculcate global competencies among them and help them realize their potential. Our rankings and achievements are testimony to our commitment to academic excellence and student centricity. We endeavor to develop employable and entrepreneurial graduates, who would not only be outstanding achievers but would also be known for their contribution to the society.

Dr. P. Basak
Director General