Academic Objectives

  • To offer instruction in Applied Science, Engineering, Business Management and other related subjects, which will be of standard and, comparable to the best in the world;
  • To provide adequate facilities for school, graduate and post graduate study and research, to meet the needs, of specialized research workers and teachers, following, the concept of STREAM
  • To provide leadership in curriculum planning, laboratory development and examination systems;
  • To institute programs for faculty development, both for their own staff and, for the teachers of other schools & colleges;
  • To establish holistic teaching and research programs of an interdisciplinary nature, and following the STREAM concept
  • To develop close co-operation with industry through, the exchange of personnel, continuing education programs, and consultancy services to solve, live industrial & social problems
  • To develop strong collaborative links with other Institutions and organizations, including National Laboratories and Government
  • To anticipate the technological needs for India, and plan and prepare, to cater to them;
  • To develop continuing education programs for employed engineers and make them available both on campus, and by distance learning techniques, at off-campus locations;
  • To prepare instructional resource material in the conventional, as well as, the audio-visual; the video and the computer-based, modes
  • To interact with the community at large, to inculcate in our country men and women, a feel for scientific thought and endeavor
  • To cater to the development of a culture for maintenance and conservation
  • To organize our study programs to prepare manpower also for the unorganized sector and for self-employment.
  • In addition to these objectives, there is a mandate to the Institute, to provide opportunities to the minority sections of the society.