Accommodation Facilities

Suvarna: Girls Hostel

Suvarna Girls Hostel with 150 rooms has the capacity to accommodate 300 female students, with their own dining hall facility. Security and safety of your girl child is our priority and we, therefore, ensure an impeccable security system with restricted visiting hours and strict disciplinary guidelines.

Ananda: Boys Hostel

Ananda boys hostel has 250 rooms with the capacity to accommodate 500 students on a twin sharing mode. The hostel has their own dining hall facility with an impeccable security system. The management is under Dean Students Affairs, Chief Warden, and Wardens. The hostel is in a peaceful and serene environment far distant from the noise and pollution. The architecture is modern with ample natural light and air ventilation.

Sukh Ville: Staff Accommodation

Sukh Ville staff accommodation is meant for single and married staff members who are providing their services to the institution.  With a well-planned society and purpose built staff accommodation, you can have a peaceful life while working at the campus.

Dinning Halls

We at Vidya Knowledge Park keep a close tab on the health of our talented students. Therefore, we have set up a total hygiene and healthy food provider mess where students and their faculty can get quality food at subsidized charges. The mess can offer service up to 250 boys at a time in the Amaltas Mess and up to 150 girls in the Eucalyptus Mess. Both are equipped in terms of quality manpower and resources to provide variety of vegetarian meals and snacks and are under the direct supervision of the Mess Committee comprising of faculty and student representatives. Besides, proper meals arrangements, students can watch television to catch the day’s happening on news channels or watch some informative programs for updating their general knowledge and understanding of this world.


Healthy food leads to healthy mind. VKP is committed to ensure that the students are provided with healthy and hygienic food. There are 3 cafeterias in different blocks of the campus. The cafeterias and other eateries are functioning based on the cash payment basis. The cafeterias are aptly named after local trees and shrubs in consonance to our commitment towards green environment.


VKP has a qualified, skillful and experienced Resident Doctor in the campus to look after the health of students, faculty and staff living inside campus. The Doctor also advises the management on health matters.

We have ambulances to carry patients to hospital 24×7. We are also tied up with leading hospitals to accept our patients.