Conferences, Workshops & Seminars

The Research & Development (R&D) Cell is established to promote research activities at Vidya College of Engineering, Meerut (NCR), India. The objective of the cell is to promote, monitor and administer research programs for Faculty, Students and Industries to undertake quality research, and organize other research related activities time to time like: conferences, workshops and seminars.

Date(s) Name of the Conference
23-24 Nov 2018 Conference on Science, Technology, Engineering and Management for Sustainabale Development of Society
23-24 June 2017 Development of Micro and Small Women Enterprises in India
11-12 Apr 2013 International Conference on Recent Technologies in Advance Electronics
2-3 Mar 2013 Oosmagyan
Date(s) Name of the Workshop
11-Mar-19 Workshop on "Internet of Things"
22-26, Oct-18 “Applied Thermodynamics and its Applications in Power Plant Engineeing” under TEQIP-III
25-Sep-18 Workshop on "Machine Learning"
20-July-18 “Sustainable Teaching Practices”
2-Nov-17 Hands on Practice Workshop on “Practices on domestic air conditioner installation”
1-Sep-17 Cyber Security Work Shop
7-Nov-17 Workshop on Andriod/CAD
17-Feb-18 Workshop on Python by Aptron
9-Feb-17 One Day Workshop on Machine Learning
8 & 10-Oct-15 RoboTryst -2014-15
17-18 Feb-16 Andriod Workshop
18-19 Mar 16 Workshop on Water Management
29 Mar-3 Apr 16 Andriod Workshop
27-28 Apr 16 Autonext-16
2-Oct-16 A workshop on Social Empowerment at Tikri Village
17-Oct-16 A workshop on ISHRAE (Indian Society of Heating Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Engineers)
12-Nov-16 PCB Designing ande Circuit Simulation
17-Feb-17 LABVIEW Workshop
24-28-Apr-17 Interventions for Effective Industry-Institue Partnership Short Term Training Programme
21-Apr-17 Hands on Practice on Bike Engine, Refrigerator & Air Counditioner
Date(s) Name of the Seminar
15 & 16 Sep 18 Seminar on Sustainable Waste Management
9 March 2018 One Day Seminar on Applications of Software
9 March 2018 One Day Seminar on Automation & Work Culture in Industry