Corporate Connect & Placement

Corporate Connect & Placement

Corporate Connect and Placement Department focuses on real world learning, provides students with the opportunity to work with organizations making a positive impact on the community. The department focuses on the communication strategies that are essential for success in any business environment, while providing a small-class structure for exchanging ideas and building skills. Students work in teams to solve a number of communications-based tasks as they enhance their oral and written business skills.

Focused application of business-related research, client management, presentation, and professional writing will be the focus of this course as students work within a “live” framework that includes overlapping project deliverables.

The placement department is headed by a full-time placement officer with responsibilities such as arranging:

  • On/Off Campus interview
  • In Industry training
  • Industrial visits for both students and faculty
  • Internship

Besides, the department arranges programmes to improve the personality and communication skills of students. The department also periodically conducts Aptitude test, Group discussions, Mock interviews and technical tests. Guidance is also offered for pursuing higher studies and research both in India and abroad.


The Guidance and Counseling Department is designed to facilitate that exploration. The Counseling Program includes the following services:

  • Assistance to each student in his own personal growth and development.
  • Academic assessment and guidance.
  • Individual and group testing.
  • Career exploration.
  • Guidance for students conditionally accepted or on academic or disciplinary probation.
  • Personal counseling to individual students and small groups.
  • Mentoring is provided to the students for choosing career options in IES,PSUs .
  • Guidance and Coaching is provided by the experts for GATE, SSC Examination, CMAT .


We have over 3000+ Alumni working and serving at respectful designations in various Multi-National Corporations around the world. Irrespective of their graduating stream or there working domain, Our Alumni is making us Proud with the way they are delivering in their professional life and Serving as a Strategic Partner in achieving their organization’s goal and objective. The alumni are leaving their impression everywhere, over and above rigorous academic schedule, great emphasis is given on the all-round development of the students. At VKP the students meet the requirement practically in every field of interest of the corporate. Our Alumni are working around the Globe and making us proud with their excellent progressions and recommendations. Stay Open you might find a Vidyan Around!