Children Must Be Taught How to Think, Not What To Think..!!

It had always been our dream to build a conglomerate of institutions for quality, innovation and excellence and create grads with knowledge and competence that can help script success stories; create those who strive not just for survival but excel in whatever they do.

Hosting more than half a dozen professional institutions, we aspire to realize the vision of our forefathers by being a facilitator in empowering Indian youth. We offer quality education in various fields with the help of best of the faculty supported by the latest technologies for the complete development of students. We are working towards changing the face of the education being offered in India by consistently employing better resources, tools and techniques to be a fore runner in the education world.

Your future begins at Vidya. Welcome.

P.K Jain
Vidya Knowledge Park

What’s Next ?

The dynamics of global environment is changing and India is going through an interesting phase of transition both socially and economically. The emerging global economy requires special skills coupled with appropriate training and wide exposure to the state-of-the-art technical practices.

Hailing from my cosmopolitan universal education is a pure global vision, coupled with the dedicated efforts of faculty members and students and a strong corporate connection, we as a team attempt to translate vision into action, we aim to prepare tomorrow’s leader. We assure to develop you a confident, vibrant and self-reliant in every sphere.

Our Campus is designed to educate and train you in different dimensions, by following the best standards available in all spheres. Over and above, it will orient your personality to suit the desired job profile through sustained exposure to extra-curricular activities and personality development modules. The extensive infrastructure, ultra-modern labs, resourceful library, highly qualified and experienced faculty, well-designed hostel, catering arrangement, facilities for indoor and outdoor recreation will provide the ideal environment for your grooming.

Aligning with our vision, I see that this is just the beginning of our progression in the direction of “Academic Excellence & Exceptional Experience” and sure that we will grow multifold and surpass the benchmark. I welcome you to VIDYA to enjoy academic learning with professional development and explore strategic fit in corporate world for yourself.

This is your time, Welcome!

Vishal Jain
Managing Director
Vidya Knowledge Park