The VJET journal promotes interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary approaches to the study of subjects related to engineering and society, igniting original thinking which will contribute to create knowledge and understanding in these areas. It is being managed by Vidya College of Engineering, Vidya Knowledge Park, Meerut (India). As a key benefit to Engineering and Society, the Journal would discover new and more effective ways of managing Technology and challenges in the ever changing environmental conditions.

  • ISSN                          :  2277-8978
  • Frequency               :  Biannually
  • Chief Editor            :  Dr. Rajiv Kumar Chechi
  • Executive Editors :  Er. Ashwani Kr. Vashishtha
  • E-mail                       :  vcejournal@vidya.edu.in
  • Published by          :   Vidya College of Engineering, Vidya Knowledge Park, Meerut (India)


Category One Year Two Year Three Year
Institution INR 250 INR 450 INR 650
Individual (Professional) INR 200 INR 350 INR 500
Individual (Student) INR 150 INR 250 INR 350

Call for Papers

The papers are invited from following areas of Engineering and Technology as follows:

  • Physical and Applied Sciences
  • Chemical Sciences
  • Civil Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Social Networking
  • Software Engineering
  • Image Processing
  • Data Communication and Networks
  • Mobile ad-hoc and Sensor Networks
  • Multimedia and Virtual Reality
  • Cloud , Grid and Cluster Computing
  • Algorithms
  • E-Services
  • AI and Intelligent System
  • Embedded Systems
  • Control Theory
  • Antenna and Radar
  • Microprocessor
  • VLSI Design
  • Digital Signal Processing

The guidelines for submission of the article/research papers are mentioned as under :

Article Processing Charges (APCs)/Publication fee: N/A (Free of Cost)

Special Instruction: Manuscript sent for evaluation should contain three folders i.e. Cover Page, Abstract, and Manuscript. The author(s) name must not be mentioned anywhere else except cover page of the research paper/article.

Cover page

a) It should mention title of the research paper/article. The title of the paper should be boldfaced type, centered and typed in capital letters in a font size 14 point Times New Roman Font. Authors should leave one blank line after the title.

b) The author(s) full name, e-mail id, name of the institute/organization/university in 11-point Times New Roman. These details should be centered below the title.


a) Abstract should be in fully justified and italicized text. It must not exceed 250 words. The abstract should elaborate research background and methodology. The major finding(s) and conclusion must be presented in brief. Abbreviations must be mentioned in full. Background, Aims, Methodology, results/Findings, and Conclusion are essential elements of the abstract.

b) Maximum 4-6 keywords, listed alphabetically, separated by commas, and full stop at the end. Authors are requested to leave 2 lines before the next heading.


a) Article should be in typed in 12 point Font size -Times New Roman Font English with a single space and single column with 1” margin on a standard A4 size paper. The page numbers should at centre of every page. All headings must be bold-faced, aligned left and fully capitalized. Authors must leave one line before each heading.

b) The sub-heading must be bold typed, fully capitalized and left aligned. The text matter must be in a 12 font size-Times New Roman Font and single spaced. All paragraphs must be indented at 0.25”. The text should be fully justified. The research article/paper should preferably not exceed 12-15 pages in all.

c) Figures and tables should be centered, separately numbered, self explained. Please note that table titles must be above the table and Sources of data should be mentioned below the table. The authors should ensure that tables and figures are referred to from the main text.

d) All the equations used in research paper/article should be consecutively numbered in parentheses, horizontally centered with equation number placed at the right.

e) The authors should list all references alphabetically. It must be single spaced, and at the end of the research paper. Each reference should be at 0.25” indent from the left. The authors are advised to use Harvard referencing system, and mention only those references actually used in their research article/paper.

Plagiarism is the reuse of someone else’s published processes, results, or words without explicitly acknowledging the original author and source. We firmly believe that ethical conduct is the most essential virtual of any academic. Hence any act of plagiarism is not accepted. Please make sure to submit quality and original work only.


It is kindly to be noted that VJET is in the process of getting indexed/abstracted in various research and scholarly database like SJR, Scopus, IET-Inspec and Thomson Reuters.


Standard IEEE paper format should be used for manuscript submission.
Submission of Papers: vcejournal@vidya.edu.in and CC to akvashishtha@vidya.edu.in


The review process is an important aspect of the publication process of an article. It helps an editor in making decision on an article and also enables the author to improve the manuscript. Academic journal operates a blind peer review system. As a reviewer you will be advising the editors, who make the final decision (aided by an editorial committee for all research articles and most analysis articles). Even if VJET does not accept an article same would like to pass on constructive comments that might help the author to improve it. Before accepting to review a manuscript reviewers should ensure that:

  • the manuscript is within their area of expertise.
  • they can dedicate the appropriate time to conduct a critical review of the manuscript.


Manuscripts are confidential materials given to a reviewer in trust for the sole purpose of critical evaluation. Reviewers should ensure that the review processes is confidential. Details of the manuscript and the review process should remain confidential during and after the review process.


Reviews should be honest and objective. Reviewers should not be influenced by:

  • The origin of the manuscript
  • Religious, political or cultural viewpoint of the author
  • Gender, race, ethnicity or citizenry of the author

Review reports

In evaluating a manuscript, reviewers should focus on the following:

  • Originality
  • Contribution to the field
  • Technical quality
  • Depth of research

Reviewers should also:

  • Observe that the author(s) have followed the instruction for authors, editorial policies and publication ethics.
  • Observe that the appropriate journal’s reporting guidelines is followed.

The report should be accurate, objective, constructive and unambiguous.  Comments should be backed by facts and constructive arguments with regards to the content of the manuscript. Reviewers should avoid using “hostile, derogatory and accusatory comments”. Reviewers should not rewrite the manuscript; however necessary corrections and suggestions for improvements should be made.


Reviewers should only accept manuscript that they are confident that they can dedicate appropriate time in reviewing. Thus, reviewers should review and return manuscripts in a timely manner.


Reviewers’ recommendation should be either:

  • Accept
  • Requires minor corrections
  • Requires major revision
  • Not suitable for the journal. Submit to another publication such as (suggest a journal):
  • Reject

Recommendation should be backed with constructive arguments and facts based on the content of the manuscript.

Call For Reviewers

All interested Academicians and Industry Professionals are invited to join as Reviewers. Please forward your resume to : vcejournal@vidya.edu.in

Advisory Board

  • Dr. D. D. Arora, Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra, India
  • Dr. S. K. Tripathi, Muzambe University, Muzmba, Tanzania
  • Dr. B. K. Kaushik, IIT, Roorkee, India
  • Dr. R. P. Dahiya, IIT, Delhi, India
  • Dr. D. K. Sharma, IIT, Delhi, India
  • Dr. Bhim Singh, IIT, Delhi, India
  • Dr. K. R. Rajagopal, IIT, Delhi, India
  • Dr. D. S. Malik, Gurukul Kangri University, Haridwar, India
  • Dr. S. B. L. Sachan, NITTTR Chandigarh, Chandigarh, India
  • Dr. R. K. Shevgaonkar, IIT, Delhi, India

Editorial Board

  • Dr. Rajiv Kumar Chechi, Vidya College of Engineering, Meerut, India
  • Dr. Rajendra Kumar, Vidya College of Engineering, Meerut, India
  • Mr. Peeyush Tomar, Vidya College of Engineering, Meerut, India


  • Dr. D. K. Sharma, Vidya College of Engineering, Meerut, India
  • Dr. Sandeep Kamboj, Vidya College of Engineering, Meerut, India
  • Dr. Gunjan Jain, Vidya College of Engineering, Meerut, India
  • Dr. Varun Kumar Bajpai, Vidya College of Engineering, Meerut, India
  • Dr. Shahanawaj Ahamad, Hail University, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Dr. Rakesh Mohan Joshi, IIFT, Delhi, India
  • Dr. Shamimul Qamar, King Khalid University, ABHA, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Dr. Tosaporn Mahamud, Kasem Bundit University, Bangkok, Thailand
  • Dr. Anil Kumar Sahu, Delhi Technological University, Delhi, India
  • Dr. Anil Kumar Kapil, Motherhood University, Roorkee, India
  • Dr. Ajay Kumar, NIET, Greater Noida, India
  • Dr. C S Yadav, NIET, Greater Noida, India
  • Dr. Ajay Kumar Singh, MIET, Meerut
  • Dr. Ng Khar Thoe, SEAMEO RECSAM, Penang, Malaysia
  • Dr. Manu Pratap Singh, Dr. B. R. Ambedkar University, Agra, India
  • Dr. R. B. Patel, Chandigarh College of Engineering & Technology, Chandigarh, India
  • Dr. Atul Garg, M. M. University, Mullana, India
  • Dr. Rajesh Khanna, Thapar University, Patiyala
  • Dr. Paras Chawla, Chandigarh University, India
  • Dr. Nitin Salucha, Chitkara University, India
  • Dr. S S Kasana, Thapar University, India
  • Dr. Kusum Yadav, Univerity of Hail, Saudi Arabia
  • Dr. Amit Garg, Deenbandhu Chhotu Ram University of Science and Technology, Murthal, India
  • Dr. Sham Akashe, IIITM Gwalior, India
  • Dr. C C Tripathi, UIET, Kurukshetra, India
  • Dr. R K Sharma, NIT, Kurukshetra, India
  • Dr. Manaoj Sharma, DRDO, Dlehi, India
  • Dr. Baldev Setia, NIT Kurukshetra, India
  • Dr. Atulya Nagar, Liverpool Hope University, London

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